Dyntell Bi - How Well Do You Know Your Customers’ ‘Price Sensitivity’?


How Well Do You Know Your Customers’ ‘Price Sensitivity’?

Price sensitivity is a key measure in most industries, especially those with many competing products (FMCG, for instance). Price sensitivity is measured in the economic theory via price elasticity of the demand function. In other words, how demand for a given product is affected by a change in price. High elasticity means consumers are willing to purchase even with increased costs. Inelasticity, on the other hand, means even a small price bump will significantly reduce purchasing. What we want to find is the ‘equilibrium price’, the point where supply and demand meet to maximize revenue. There are many factors to consider when discussing price sensitivity: competition, uniqueness of the product(s), buying process, etc. Other things to consider could be shared cost, like when a group…

Future Proof?- Predictive Analytics in Action


Future Proof? – Predictive Analytics in Action

Automation of most business processes is now the norm across major industries. Mountains of data are being created and collected for further analysis daily, uncovering hidden trends, correlations and opportunities. Users are discovering new horizons of data analytics, and one of the most exciting applications is predictive analytics.  The benefits are of course quite obvious: Any company, organization or individual can now make complex decisions based on reliable predictions, for a minute from now or years down the road. Being able to foresee coming trends and events, to either capitalize on or avoid, can save you money, earn you money and give you a sizable competitive advantage. And the business world has taken notice: A 2018 Zion Market Research report indicates that the global predictive…

Why So Many BI Projects Fail

BI Projects

Most BI Projects Fail. Here’s Why.

Business Intelligence (BI) software is revolutionizing how we do business. It’s one of the fastest developing segments on the market, and for good reason. Business leaders can harness the power of their data in an ever-increasing number of ways at a speed never seen before. What matters most, of course, are measurable results: increased efficiency, time saved, disasters averted and profits boosted to name a few. Yet according to a 2018 Gartner report, through until 2022, only 20% of analytic insights will deliver real world outcomes. That’s a sobering figure. Like any worthwhile tool, however, countless external factors can significantly impact both the user experience and the desired benefits. Let’s dive into common reasons BI initiatives fail and how to not only avoid them, but…

Four Predictions for BI - BI Software - Exciting Trends to Look for in 2019


Four Predictions for BI

BI Software – Exciting Trends to Look for in 2019 Dyntell’s mission is to become a global leader in business intelligence (BI). We are always searching for new solutions to benefit our clients. Dyntell does this by figuring out how we can help our clients grow and succeed in a sustainable way. Our versatile business software, Dyntell Bi, was originally developed from our ERP system. This means Dyntell Bi has a different foundation from other business intelligence systems. By having a different foundation, Dyntell Bi benefits from easier integration into already existing enterprise processes.  This is compared to current market-leading BI systems that do not have this advantage. Additionally, Dyntell Bi’s data modeling is very flexible extremely customizable. Although Dyntell Bi has that edge of…


Effective Forecasting: 7 Types of Predictive Analytics Methods in BI Systems

You may not realize it, but the everyday technologies which we have come to rely on use predictive analytics. For example, your car’s navigation system uses predictive analytics when planning the fastest route to your destination. Your smartphone weather app uses a similar method to predict if it’s going to rain tomorrow or not. These days data science, and more specifically machine learning methods, dominate prediction systems and methods. Researchers are applying these systems and methods, specifically algorithms, across a wide range of everyday situations. In particular, the business world benefits from predictive analytics. Having an accurate and effective forecast can reduce overhead and increase operational stability. Advantages of successful forecasting include: Foreseeing expected fluctuations in cash flow in order to prepare for it in…

General Business

Business Intelligence: What You Need to Get Ahead

Customizable, responsive, dynamic, reliable, automated, predictive – these words describe important benefits and features of today’s leading business intelligence (BI) software solutions. Additionally, there’s no doubt the human aspect, like customer service or relationship building, are crucial to furthering business development. That said, we believe measurable benefits and results are what really matter the most in creating and sustaining a successful business. Read on to learn more about how BI can help you. If you’re making serious business decisions, you need the data to back up your reasoning.  Having an effective BI solution is like having an expert consultant, a data scientist, and a fortune teller all rolled into one. Be sure to choose a BI solution that does all this and more for you….

Business Intelligence Reporting


Business Intelligence Reporting

Move on over traditional reporting methods. Business Intelligence Reporting, or BI reporting for short, is here and companies are quickly taking advantage of it. BI is certainly not a new thing, it’s been around since the 1970s. What makes it particularly special today is technology’s progression and the integration of BI reporting into software. What is BI reporting and why should you know about it? BI reporting is vital to the success of any business which wants to be transparent, accurate, and efficient. BI reporting is a system or process that provides information in a format that is easy to understand while also displaying up to date data. BI software uses a variety of different techniques to gain insights from past, current or live, and…