What is the difference between Dyntell Bi Desktop and Dyntell Bi Server?

Dyntell Bi Desktop is licensed to be installed on a single Windows workstation or laptop and accessed by a single user. Dyntell Bi Server, on the other hand, is licensed to be installed in a Windows server environment and is accessible only to individual licensed users via your local area network (LAN). When subscribing to the Dyntell Bi Server version, you must indicate the number of client licenses you would like to purchase. You may add users at any time. Each user must install the Dyntell Bi Server Client on his respective Windows workstation or laptop so he can access the server.
Both Dyntell Bi Desktop and Dyntell Bi Server include the same fully featured functionality allowing users to make their data come alive. The main advantage to Dyntell Bi Server over Dyntell Bi Desktop is that with Dyntell Bi Server all of the data, user-defined views, dashboards and other analysis and alerts are stored on the server and can be accessed by authorized users that have access to the server via their server client license, which is installed on his workstation or laptop.  If you are running Dyntell Bi Desktop, only the individual Dyntell Bi Desktop user will have access to the data, views, dashboards and analysis he will have created on his individual workstation or laptop.

Can I run Dyntell Bi on a Mac?

No, but this may change at some point. Right now Dyntell Bi is only available in the Windows environment (full system requirements).

Do I have to be connected to the Internet to run Dyntell Bi?

Dyntell Bi is not a cloud-based software and therefore you do not need a constant connection to the Internet. However, Dyntell Bi was designed to operate with access to the Internet. For example, Dyntell Bi requires internet access to load map views, process predictions, load WebBi views and to process license requests.


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