Prediction capabilities are a huge differentiator for Dyntell Bi. Our proprietary advanced prediction capabilities mean that you can smash sales goals, drastically reduce costs or just plain tell the future with the power of LSTM, Prophet and ARIMA algorithms for linear regression, logarithmic regression and deep learning. Now you’ll know exactly how much raw material you should buy or how to most effectively spend your money on Google AdWords. It’s your crystal ball without the weird woo-woo.

We can also take this prediction capability one step further by adding a human dimension. Our Predynt team uses deep prediction to analyze your data with different machine learning algorithms. So not only do we use past data-pattern analyses, but we uncover the correlations of other time series–for amazingly accurate results.

What could predictions like this do for your business?

A Fresh Approach: Combining Methods for More Accurate Predictions

In the past, there were two distinct ways to produce time series predictions. The first used “classical algorithms” (ARIMA, Moving Average and Logistic Regressions). These functions needed a small amount of data to generate predictions, but their forecasts weren’t completely accurate.

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The second method, relying on “deep learning” algorithms, focused on very large datasets (millions or billions of data points) but created more accurate predictions. While both methods have merit, we believe that using just one produces dangerously incomplete predictions. Since business datasets tend to be small but managers require laser accuracy, we integrate both methodologies; our Ensemble system draws predictions from two servers: one running classical algorithms and one with deep learning.

Just as we often seek a “second opinion” in matters of great importance to us, our Ensemble system synchronizes two “opinions” for the most accurate prediction. In this way, it predicts more precisely than the classical algorithms and requires less data than the deep learning systems. It’s the best of both worlds.

The Power to Predict the Future
Soon to Come:  Even Better Predictions?

Soon to Come: Even Better Predictions?

Dyntell’s researchers are currently working to create an even more accurate prediction model, built on new architecture which adds the correlation’s benefit to the ensemble process. Our servers collect time series data together with the Big Database and continuously process this data. If a Dyntell Bi user requests a prediction, the system will try to find a correlation between the actual business data and the Time Series Big Data. Though correlation doesn’t mean absolute cause and effect, the method operates under the premise that things are related, and that events affect each other in cascading sequences or are based on the same mathematical rules and have a similar behavior.

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Through this process, we find that seemingly uncorrelated items can help make accurate predictions. You might not know why the dollar/yen exchange rate pattern appears in your sales data, or why your sales correlate with the country’s average daily temperature. But these similarities can help increase Dyntell Bi’s prediction capabilities–and give you greater insight into your future.

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