Every industry can benefit from smart analytics. From retail to energy to education, the power of turning complex data-driven numbers into business success is undeniable. Dyntell Bi is the tool that can get you there.

We work across departments too. Whether you work in finance, HR, operations, marketing or another department, our business intelligence solution can help you achieve your specific goals. Receivables goals, retention goals, sales goals–To reach these benchmarks, you need solid data that tells the real time story of where you are. And you need solid analytics that provide the actionable insights to take your numbers to the next level.

Dyntell Bi has worked with these industries and across all departments. Our sophisticated software has generated proven results for all. Have a look at yours:

Stay ahead of the curve with smart business analytics.

Seconds matter in consumer products

You need timely answers, and you need them now. Dyntell Bi has the power to bring you those insights with up-to-the-minute data visualizations. You can keep your inventory moving smoothly, track your marketing efforts, streamline workflows and manage cash flow better when you know exactly what’s going on.

Dig deep into your data. You can drill down geographically, by store, even by time of day. Our engine gets you to the granular, and fast. Receive alerts when numbers reach certain thresholds, so you can react in real time.¬†Best of all, you can use our robust prediction capabilities to unearth what’s next from your pile of data. With the most advanced deep learning algorithms, we’re able to give you a heads up on when you’ll need to restock, and even which adwords will be trending next. Then use clear, powerful visualizations to share this data with internal and external teams.

Dyntell Bi - Consumer Products

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