The Concept Behind Dyntell


Dyntell is an acronym for Dynamic Intelligence, “the real-world application of the most sophisticated level of human neural processing, as well as mental functioning, that has evolved to enable us to successfully handle challenges presented by complex, dynamic environments.” (Steven E. Gutstein, Ph.D.). Button accordion: More about Dynamic Intelligence » Dynamic Intelligence is smart intelligence–knowledge that can adapt to any change thrown its way. Since our world is dynamic and full of change, our brains have evolved to process multiple thoughts at once. For instance, we might muse about a nearby garden while relaxing on a park bench. Then we’ll text someone who reminds us of a friend, and think “I need to text that friend,” and then think ahead to lunch plans for that afternoon. And so on…. To successfully function in this environment we must effectively filter out stimuli that hinders our decision making while constantly processing new changes. All this is done with the goal of making best decision for that situation. “Dynamic intelligence [enables us to] select from a range of potential responses, matched to the unique needs of the situation,” explains Dr. Gutstein.


Dynamic intelligence means filtering information for inspiration.

Dyntell works with different datasets and rules to make smart decisions. It does this by taking various data points into consideration and then focusing on the data that shows important trends. This is essential when it comes to our prediction capabilities. We mimic the brain’s ability to decipher hidden meaning in a pattern with sophisticated algorithms and extrapolate it to make accurate predictions.

Who Are We?

Our Company

Dyntell Software is an international group of companies with offices in Denver, Leesburg, Budapest, Debrecen, and Cluj, investing in the global Information Technology sector. We are committed to providing comprehensive and competitive solutions to business owners and operators worldwide, proudly serving over 1,000 clients throughout Europe and the United States. We recognize the unique challenges that the global economy presents to stakeholders and have developed specific solutions to help users enhance business operations in all areas with a holistic, future-focused approach.

Our Products

Dyntell got its start creating sophisticated ERP software, which we quickly adapted to build robust Business Intelligence solutions. Both are industry-leading tools. Our ERP solution helps your business manage and automate back office functions and our BI solution helps your business identify and exploit hidden opportunities and challenges in its data. We develop all of our products ourselves, paying careful attention to new, modern, and standardized technology – the basis of our innovative solutions. Our team of almost 100 professionals is at your disposal, ready to learn your business processes. We provide you with on-going guarantees, support, and consultancy. We can also provide you with the source code of our products. We will do everything we can to ensure your success with our software.

We believe that software without expertise has little meaning. So we work to provide solutions that create real, tangible value for our clients.

Partner With Us

In this fast-paced, constantly evolving business-scape, we can help your company thrive by finding solid direction in the maze of Information Technology. We offer new and comprehensive solutions for entrepreneurs, and small or medium sized enterprises.







Chief Software Architect

“The boss knows how; the leader shows how. The builder shows why.” — Umar Haque, The Builder’s Manifesto


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