Is Trump good for the stock market or are the stocks good for Trump?


Is Trump good for the stock market or are the stocks good for Trump?

A little over 17 months ago Bloomberg analyzed the correlation between the S&P 500 and President Trump’s approval rating. And the article’s key takeaway wasn’t exactly positive. From July 2018 to April 2018, there was a clear negative correlation between stocks and the daily running approval ratings from Rasmussen Reports. Bloomberg writer Brandon Kochkodin’s conclusion: “Trump’s rhetoric is riling up his base while also scaring the markets”.   Dyntell’s data scientists were curious about how this trend has changed since, and we found something quite interesting starting early 2019 based on FiveThirtyEight statistics.  We used to find a correlation and the charts below show results from January 2019 to August 2019. Correlation between S&P 500 Index Price (USD) and approval rating of President Trump…


Effective Forecasting: 7 Types of Predictive Analytics Methods in BI Systems

You may not realize it, but the everyday technologies which we have come to rely on use predictive analytics. For example, your car’s navigation system uses predictive analytics when planning the fastest route to your destination. Your smartphone weather app uses a similar method to predict if it’s going to rain tomorrow or not. These days data science, and more specifically machine learning methods, dominate prediction systems and methods. Researchers are applying these systems and methods, specifically algorithms, across a wide range of everyday situations. In particular, the business world benefits from predictive analytics. Having an accurate and effective forecast can reduce overhead and increase operational stability. Advantages of successful forecasting include: Foreseeing expected fluctuations in cash flow in order to prepare for it in…